What Is An Essay ?

The essay is the most available, most free prosaic genre which can only be imagined. In French “essay” is meant by “test, attempt”. It is an opportunity for any person to write about about what there is a wish.

The essay is written in formal language. The text shouldn’t be swept reductions. Try to avoid, for example forms like “don’t”, “isn’t”, “smth”. It’s better write: “do not”, “is not”, “something”.  You should show the literary level of writing of texts. Recipient likes competent writer. All phrasal verbs are forbidden to be used. Average norm of writing of the words is 200-250. In the essay are usually 5 paragraphs. In the first paragraph you have to paraphrase an essay subject (2-3 offers). In the second paragraph you have to state the point of view. Two-three arguments in the second paragraph, are spent for the description of each argument from 2 to 3 offers. In the third paragraph you should state opinion of the opponent, that’s other point of view. In the  4 paragraph you should disprove opinion of the opponent, to explain why you disagree with this opinion.

A conclusion is written in the final 5th paragraph. Confirm the thought and sum up the results. Convince the reader of correctness of judgments.

Don’t forget to use phrases which help to pay attention. For example: “To my mind”, “As for me”, “I think”, “ It is not secret that”,  “Frankly speaking”, etc.

You can have the own style, but don’t try surpass all in it. What more you will try to resemble, that you can leave from an essay task essence. An essay task – to inform of the opinion which will be confirmed. You have to rely on examples from life, literature, opinion of experts.  But don’t go in cycles in exact structure, it can also prevent you to write the essay. If you can’t write, the inspiration has disappeared, think that you want to inform and write the thoughts on the sheet of paper. Think over as you can prove or disprove each offer written by you.