How to write an abstract quickly

If you don’t know how and don’t want to spend a lot of time writing abstract, we will help you with this problem. We will tell you how to make an abstract in just 1 hour.

Read as much information as possible on the topic. As more material you find and remember, as easier it will be for you to state your thoughts. Find books, sites with information about your topic. Find books, sites with information about your topic and remember their names, authors, as this is useful for you to compile a list of literature at the end pages of the abstract.

Print out all information found from different sources. Divide the information into categories and highlight the main and key points in different colors. So it will be easier to remember information regarding different problems, questions, tasks.

Cut out each highlighted sentence or paragraph. Distribute them by category. Arrange the categories in order, changing the subject should not be sudden, but consistent.

Read the essay to make sure that it is well written. Fix all sheets with different categories together. If you literally copied information from other sources, you need to rephrase it and rewrite it in your own words. Try to tell all the information without peeking at printouts.

Try not to use Wikipedia as a source. Rewrite the text in your own words.

What you need:

  • Computer with internet access
  • Printer
  • Felt-tip pens of at least 3 colors
  • Scissors
  • Paper clips or stapler.

You can retell in front of a mirror, looking at your facial expressions and gestures. So you simultaneously learn the abstract and prepare for oral defense. A good presentation is a guarantee of successful abstract defense.

Remember, there are many methods to quickly write an abstract, but the main thing is the desire to work. Without this, you will not succeed in achieving success not only in scientific activity, but in general in all spheres.  So, gain strength and try to execute the project not only quickly, but also quantitatively. Good luck!